Economic Development Expanding Steuben County

Economic Development Expanding Steuben County Main Photo

18 Jan 2024


“Many people don’t understand what economic development is and how it is helping Steuben County, IN. Economic development helps to improve the county’s economic well-being, wealth, and quality of life through resources, incentives, funding opportunities, and more. The Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) has been instrumental in helping the county’s businesses achieve these goals,” stated Isaac Lee, the SCEDC’s Execuive Director.

Steuben County’s Economic Development Efforts are Creating Success!

The SCEDC has a goal of attracting businesses that create high-quality jobs, helping current businesses expand, providing workforce development solutions, and developing public and private partnerships. With economic development efforts Steuben county’s businesses and residents benefit from an enhanced quality of life, more job opportunities, and room for entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their businesses! Click here to learn more about economic development and how it is helping businesses succeed in Steuben County!