Building a Stronger Tomorrow: Steuben County EDC Drives Economic Growth

Steuben County, Indiana is in the industrial heart of America, 40 minutes from Fort Wayne and under three hours from Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Dayton, and the Canadian border. Our location on the intersection of Interstate 69 and 80/90 Toll Road makes it easy for businesses to move raw materials and finished products throughout the United States, as does the Indiana Northeastern Railroad and Tri-State Steuben County Airport. Companies looking to grow in our central location have access to shovel-ready industrial parks, steady water supply, and a laborshed the size of Fort Wayne’s. 

Entrepreneurs are succeeding in Steuben County as well. A state-of-the-art CoWorking space and Revolving Loan Funds, along with Trine University’s Innovation Center, have set the stage for startup success and thousands of patents have been issued in Steuben County as a result. This culture of innovation applies to our quality of life as well. Steuben County is home to a talented artist community, incredible restaurants and events in addition to the 101 lakes we are known for. Come discover why Steuben County is an attractive destination for investors, entrepreneurs, and families.