Angola Investment Fund

The Angola Investment Fund (AIF) was approved by the City of Angola Common Council in August 2013. Through the ordinance, the council allocated $1,000,000 from the Major Moves fund to spur economic development in the city. Business loans will be made available to qualified start-up initiatives and existing business expansions.

The purpose of the Angola Investment Fund is to create highly skilled, high-wage jobs and stimulate private investment within the City of Angola by providing low-interest loans to individuals and businesses that seek to start or grow a business enterprise. The AIF is also designed to leverage technical assistance and seed and venture capital from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Elevate Ventures, Inc. to support business startup and expansion in Angola, Indiana. 

All sessions and meetings for the Angola Investment Fund Account Board are held at City Hall, in Council Chambers. Contact Council Member, Jerry McDermid,, or SCEDC Executive Director, Isaac Lee ( for more information.

Micro-grant Program

The City of Angola is pleased to announce a Micro-grant Program. The program is designed to help eligible entrepreneurs with initial start-up expenses.

The Micro-grant Program was created to support the vital mix of businesses that create successful commercial corridors. The micro-grant amount will range from $5,000 to $12,500 per business. The micro-grant will be made in installments and will not require repayment if the recipient meets project benchmarks during the two-year grant period.

The City aims to strengthen the role of new businesses as economic and social anchors. In addition, the City wants to grow its local-based businesses that create new jobs, add business diversity to current business corridors, and expand economic development opportunities.