Become More Competitive by Operating in Steuben County

Business growth has been accelerating in Steuben County, and here’s why more and more businesses are calling this Northeast Indiana county home. 

  • Lower tax burden than neighboring states
  • Highly reliable business infrastructure system (ports, railroad, road, utilities)
  • Custom state incentive packages can be delivered in ten days or fewer
  • Streamlined permitting process 
  • Public, private, and academic collaboration
  • Low operating costs for both small and large companies
  • Excess water supply
  • Strong history of entrepreneurship and innovation with thousands of patents issued, including NASA satellite parts  

Unique Location. Extensive Labor Force. Reliable Infrastructure.

In the industrial heart of America, Steuben County is ideally located for businesses wanting access under three hours to Fort Wayne, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Dayton, and the Canadian border. Companies looking to grow in our central location have access to shovel-ready industrial parks like Crossroads Industrial Park, Hudson Shovel-Ready Site, Innovation Park in Angola, and Orland Industrial Park, a steady water supply, and a laborshed the size of 370,000. 

Our communities sit at the Interstate 69 and 80/90 Toll Road intersection. Businesses also have access to the Northeastern Indiana Railroad and the Tri-State Steuben County Airport, making it easy to move raw materials and finished products throughout the United States and Canada.

Steuben County is Where New Ideas Flourish

Entrepreneurs are succeeding in Steuben County as well. A state-of-the-art CoWorking space, Revolving Loan Funds, and Trine University’s Innovation Center have set the stage for startup success, and thousands of patents have been issued in Steuben County. 

Steuben County’s vision for the future is welcoming and prosperous for businesses and talent. With increased real estate development and revitalization of many communities, Steuben County is an attractive destination for investors, entrepreneurs, and families.