Board of Directors

The SCEDC Board of Directors has 18 members. Public service officials hold nine appointments; the others are for private investors. An investor can be nominated to a slate, and our investors vote to determine who will be appointed to the board. Each board member has a three-year term. 

Meet Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Gary Koester, President, At-Large, Koester Metals Inc.
  • Dan Caruso, Vice President, Steuben County Council
  • Hitesh Patel, Treasurer, At-Large
  • Josh Durbin, Secretary, At-Large, Steuben County REMC

Appointed Board Members

  • Jennifer Barclay, City of Angola
  • Steve Brown, Town of Fremont
  • Wil Howard, Steuben County Commissioner
  • Jim Milleman, Town of Orland
  • Josh Odom, Town of Hudson
  • Jim Pence, Town of Ashley
  • Brent Schlosser, Town of Clear Lake
  • Brent Shull, Town of Hamilton

Members At-Large

  • Dana Berkes, Northern Indiana Public Service Company
  • Sandra Griffin, Cardinal IG
  • Andrew Hershman, Indiana Northeastern Railroad
  • Angie Logan, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital
  • Anita Shepherd, Freedom Academy
  • Ken Wilson, JICI Inc.