Pillars of Economic Development

The Steuben County Economic Development Corporation’s services are centered around key pillars of economic development: Business retention and expansion, business attraction, talent attraction & development, and the establishment of community development and growth.

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)

business meetingIn Steuben County, BRE programs help existing businesses survive economic difficulties and assist with expansion that creates new jobs. Each year our team meets with the 100+ industry partners in Steuben County to discuss what they need to succeed and continue to grow with us. 

The CoWorkSteuben space is one example of BRE. It provides young professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners a unique coworking space for collaboration and idea generation.

The costs of starting a new business or expanding a current one can be intimidating, but the SCEDC can help to facilitate financing through a Revolving Loan Fund. Entrepreneurs can use this fund for startup and gap financing, while established businesses can finance potential large purchases that enhance or improve their business.

Tax abatements are available to qualifying businesses that meet specific criteria. Is the project competitive? Will it bring higher-wage jobs? Will the business execute its goals and objectives? The SCEDC will ask these questions to determine whether a current or incoming business qualifies to have property taxes abated.

Business Attraction

groundbreaking ceremonyBusiness attraction is all about bringing new businesses to help facilitate the growth of Steuben County’s economy. We identify and target specific industries that will fit in Steuben County well. Our team works to highlight the benefit of operating a business in Steuben County and show business leaders why Steuben County is the best spot for them. Incentives are available to support business attraction. 

For example, the Angola Investment Fund can help businesses buy equipment or a building, provide working capital or purchase order financing, and can be used in conjunction with an SBA loan. This is an example of the types of incentives and financial programs we can leverage when recruiting a business to Steuben County. 

Talent Attraction & Development

study groupSteuben County Economic Development Corporation collaborates closely with workforce development entities such as Northeast Indiana Works. This partnership is dedicated to cultivating a strong talent pool that supports both existing and prospective businesses within Steuben County, Indiana. By harnessing a laborshed boasting 370,000 potential workers, the SCEDC initiates programs aimed at offering essential support and training for careers in demand.

Our efforts extend to bridging the gap between high school students and industry partners. This exemplifies the SCEDC's commitment to orchestrating collaboration between K-12 education, higher learning institutions, and the local business ecosystem. Through these cooperative ventures, we prepare students for sought-after careers while seamlessly aligning individuals of all ages with companies seeking their distinct skill sets and interests.

Our drive to nurture talent is underpinned by the conviction that the cultivation and retention of talented professionals underpin the enduring prosperity of our community. This vision comes to life through an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, encourages continuous learning, and fosters collaborative engagement.

Our approach thrives on diversity, epitomized by the wide array of opportunities within our Talent Attraction and Development initiative. Whether your aspirations lean towards entrepreneurship, technology, creative expression, or seasoned executive roles, Steuben County beckons you to discover your perfect fit.

Community Development and Growth

aerial view of innovation parkAt the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC), we are the catalyst for community growth and progress. From tax abatements to strategic partnerships, our initiatives are woven into the fabric of Steuben County's development journey.

We are the starting point for all tax abatements, a crucial mechanism that spurs economic expansion. As the nexus of this process, we initiate the abatement of future project taxes, a process closely overseen by the assessor on an annual basis. This dynamic strategy isn't just about fiscal benefits; it's about accountability. By annually assessing the abatement's impact, we ensure that our corporate partners are aligning their actions with their commitments. This validation mechanism fosters a sense of responsibility, directing our community's growth towards the right trajectory.

Our commitment to successful public/private partnerships is exemplified by our collaboration with stakeholders to fund a housing study. This initiative, a true testament to our community-focused ethos, aimed to identify the specific types and quantities of housing units required within Steuben County. Remarkable achievements have already sprung from this collaborative approach. Notably, the SCEDC's strategic guidance has catalyzed the establishment of two apartment complexes, collectively comprising over 200 units. This not only addresses the housing needs of our community but also drives economic expansion through construction projects and job creation.

Our philosophy doesn't merely rest on facilitating development; it thrives on creating a foundation for sustainable growth. By acting as a bridge between public and private interests, we build an ecosystem where the aspirations of businesses, residents, and the community at large harmonize seamlessly.