The Available Workforce is 10x The Size of Steuben County’s Population

In the Industrial Heart of America, the people make Steuben County exceptional. Don’t let our small population size fool you; we are much more than the 34,000 people residing here. The actual workforce available to Steuben County is closer to 370,000. Bordering Ohio and Michigan, and only 40 minutes from Fort Wayne, businesses have a greater pool of candidates than other rural communities nationwide. 

Education opportunities for workforce development are extensive, and many companies in industries like advanced manufacturing, life sciences, food & beverage, transportation logistics & equipment, and professional employer services come to Steuben County for educated and reliable talent. Our workforce is diverse and ranges from entry level talent to skilled trades to those with advanced degrees. 

trine university sign and buildingHomegrown Future Business Leaders

Trine University is home to premier engineering and business schools that produce top-notch candidates for your business. This tremendous community asset is a well-spring of entrepreneurial ideas and thought leaders that will lead the next generation of industries in Northeast Indiana. 

In addition, Steuben County offers the unique CoWorkSteuben. As a creative co-working space, it provides entrepreneurs, business leaders, and future workers with a collaborative environment to grow their leadership skills and create new business connections. Bringing in creative class developers, designers, strategists, writers, inventors, engineers, and professional office nomads, CoWorkSteuben serves as a hub for business ideation and ingenuity.