Your Investment Counts

Choosing to invest in the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation provides you with exclusive opportunities to shape our Strategic Plan. As an investor, you'll have the privilege of making nominations for advisory and committee selections. Additionally, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits such as having your logos featured on interior website pages, and receiving website promotion. 

Private Sector members include

community influencer

Community Influencers ($10,000/year)

community planner

Community Planners ($3,000/year)

community marketers

Community Marketers ($1,000/year)

Public and private sectors united – that's the force driving Economic Development forward. We extend an invitation, a call to action, to join this transformative journey. The Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) thrives on the support of investors like you. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impact on the dynamic landscape of Steuben County.

In the realm of growth and prosperity, the SCEDC deeply appreciates the unwavering backing from both public and private investors. Their dedication fuels our mission to uplift and enrich the communities within Steuben County.

As we emerge from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of strategic economic development is clearer than ever. It's not just about business; it's about resilience, sustainability, and charting a course for success. We stand at the forefront of crafting the destiny of local economies, committed to creating avenues of opportunity and nurturing progress.

Our programs are not expenses; they are investments in the heart of our communities. By supporting local businesses, we fuel workforce expansion, strengthen municipal finances, and bolster essential services that elevate the quality of life.

Investing in economic development is investing in the prosperity of your community. A thriving business ecosystem begets multiple benefits – job creation, elevated tax revenues, and enhanced infrastructure. A community where businesses prosper is a community where every individual thrives.

The SCEDC channels the power of economic development to unlock Steuben County's true potential. Our collaborative efforts foster business growth, attract fresh investments, and nurture an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship flourish. When you invest in our programs, you contribute directly to the vibrancy and sustainability of our community.

We urge you to embark on this journey with us. Your investment has a direct impact on shaping Steuben County's future. Your support empowers us to leverage our expertise, resources, and connections to forge new paths and overcome challenges.

Together, let's seize the countless opportunities before us. By investing in economic development, we secure a future where Steuben County flourishes – where businesses thrive, communities prosper, and residents revel in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

If you're intrigued about becoming an investor or learning more about our impactful work, reach out to us. Your partnership holds immense value, and we eagerly anticipate the collaboration that will uncover Steuben County's full potential.

Benefits of Economic Development Include:

  • Maintain, increase, and diversify the tax base.
  • Generate revenues that surpass the cost of municipal services.
  • Foster business retention and expansion.
  • Elevate economic vitality and diversification for commercial and industrial areas.
  • Maximize property value through optimal utilization.
  • Create and sustain jobs, augment per capita income.
  • Ensure self-sufficiency despite budget constraints.
  • Showcase and celebrate local products.
  • Forge valuable partnerships among local governments, businesses, and community members.

Your investment isn't just financial; it's an investment in a thriving future. Together, let's sculpt a Steuben County that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and resounding success