Living in Steuben County Costs Less

Living in Steuben County Costs Less Main Photo

28 Dec 2023

“One of the major advantages that residents enjoy in Steuben County, IN, is its lower cost of living. Residents can save more money by locating here, without having to sacrifice quality,” stated Jessica Christen, the Program Director of the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC). Living in Steuben County is lower than the national average and according to BestPlaces the cost of living in Steuben County is 81.4 percent of the national average.

Save More Living in Steuben County!

People who are looking to live in the county will be pleasantly surprised by how much money they will save living here. The median home price is currently at $247,900 which is close to 40 percent lower than home prices throughout the nation. Money can be saved with housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation costs, all of which cost less than the national average. Click here to learn more about living in Steuben County today!