View Steuben County’s Online Profile

View Steuben County’s Online Profile Main Photo

8 Feb 2024


 “Here in Steuben County, IN, we are dedicated to helping site selectors and businesses get to know the county by providing in-depth demographic information compiled into a county profile. This information is free to the public thanks to the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC), which is dedicated to attracting and retaining new businesses to the area,” stated Jessica Christen, the SCEDC Program Director.

Steuben County Data Available for Site Selectors

This online profile can be viewed on the SCEDC’s economic development website. The information in this profile includes data on the county’s population, housing & income, workforce, business by industry, educational attainment, transportation, and more. This profile is downloadable and the viewers have full access to the raw data that was used to create this profile. Click here to view Steuben County’s online profile and get to know the area and its people!