Steuben County: Ideal Location for Businesses

Steuben County: Ideal Location for Businesses Main Photo

25 Jan 2024


“Steuben County, IN, offers a variety of location advantages to businesses located here, across every industry. These advantages are making the county an ideal destination for businesses and site selector that are looking for a location where they can succeed and grow,” stated Isaac Lee, the Executive Director of the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC).

Location Advantages are Benefitting Steuben County Businesses

Steuben County is located in proximity to five major metropolitan areas including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Toledo. This provides easy access to diverse markets for businesses. The county has access to a large skilled workforce, a lower cost of doing business, and other essential amenities.The superb transportation infrastructure includes I-69 and nearby 1-80/1-90 Toll Road. Steuben County is also known as a recreational haven with 101 lakes, with plentiful hospitality, retail, and leisure sectors. Click here to learn more about the advantages to locating your business in Steuben County!